Back to The Future

18 Mar
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Big Idea

8 Jul


The Big Idea is back. And it will be televised?

Read John Hegarty’s opine for TV centered creativity as innovation and you’ll think TV is going to save marketers.  Nope.  But he’s right from a bigger picture perspective:

Agencies have lost their swagger.

Clients have lost their balls.

Everyone’s watching the short term balance sheet instead of making a long term difference.

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Archetype Fail

10 Oct

Millennial’s are sick of your shit.  And Lorde’s nailed it.



Growth Strategy

16 Aug


14 Mar

Bruce Sterling via Weblosky.


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  • *It’s so interesting to see this perennial question coming into vogue once again. When I was a pre-teen first discovering “science fiction,” that automation dystopia story was all over the place. Even on the cover of TIME magazine. See this Artzybasheff computer monster, all busy stealing guy’s jobs? Looks oddly familiar, doesn’t it?Of course that issue pre-dates me by a long chalk. It’s also the folk song of John Henry the Steel-Drivin’ Man, who breaks his heart defeating the boss’s Steam Hammer.I can tell you what’s NOT gonna happen with “robots.” Nobody’s gonna defeat the logic of the assembly line by starting a Pre-Raphaelite Arts and Crafts commune where people shun the Robot and make hand-made wall tapestries. That’s been tried eight thousand different times and places. It never works for anybody who’s not Amish.”


6 Mar

YouTube Preview ImageTension Breaker. Pseudo Reality Social Breaker.
… at least I thought so. ;)


26 Feb
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11 Feb


If you’ve been to CES before, you already know it’s a glittering, gadgety onslaught of technology wonder (and to be honest) a hoard of electronic chest thumping.  Throw in a tsunami of technology sales people, marketers, game geeks and aisles and aisles of mediocre third party accessory manufacturers you’ve suddenly ventured into strange land. A land where Best Buy has just taken over Times Square New Years Eve, moved it to Vegas while a porn conventionsets up next door. Welcome to 2012 International CES in all it’s sales glam, technology girth and corporate gimme.

Which of course is why it’s glooooorious to observe…

But it’s also why you need to do a little pre-work to make sure you’re not sucked into 4 miles of convention floor with several hours of iPad docking stations and 500 inch 3D plasma screen televisions.

Here’s a basic, but handy guide to the “big picture” of CES 2012 for those of you that head to the show.

Ipsos-IOTX Austin Futures Group and UPSTREAM Design Innovation teams take a look at this years 2012 International CES pre-show, with trend observations, technology examples and recommended panels and exhibits. Co-Authored by Andy Hunter, Paul Noble Campbell, Jerry Courtney & Jeff Mulhausen.