Dark Knight, on the eve of the dark night

31 Oct

Old colleague and friend Chris Seaberg continues his chronicle of the underground marketing efforts for next years noir Batman redux “The Dark Knight”.

If you are a fan of arg’s, and followed the Art of the Heist, this one’s going to put a smile on your face. The arg has revolved around continual content on whysoserious.com and blended reality activities, mostly that work around the idea that the “real” Joker is out in about in the world, and he’s recruiting you (the fans), to join his gang. This Halloween’s invitation to the fray goes like this (courtesy of Chris and anticool):

… there’s missions for cities all over the United States… and if you click on these diced up pics – instructions come up for you and your city – of a place to visit and to photograph what you see there. They suggest that you not start till Daylight – .. Well – if you’re in the above cities and you go and check it out – take a photo – and post a link to your photo in the Talkback below and let’s see what they want us to see. But apparently you need to watch out for the corrupt police forces. Heh.

Happy Halloween

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