SXSW 2008: More chatter on Zuckerberg Keynote

10 Mar

Despite all the pent up geek-anger at the whole thing, looks like there’s as many folks entertained than really put off by it all.

Wired adds to the Comic Relief:

Sarah Lacey

Ideacity gives us a post-report and simply thought Sarah was a bit blabby.

Wired/Underwire takes a nap during it all, but gives us another good toon.

Mashable gives a very balanced account.

Jeff Jarvis give some solid advice.

Daniel gives us the now infamous twitter.

..and a reader of Undwire gives us this professional lampoon:


I watched the interview while I was repairing the compressor on the Slurpee Machine at the 7-11 on 15th Street in Austin. Somebody had stuck a Slim Jim into the cooling fan.

In my opinion Sarah Lacy is one hot chic. Zuck is a total Dork. If only he put as much effort into scoring with hot chics as he did at ripping off other people’s ideas his life would have been much different.

Every time I hear Zuck speak it sounds like a goat being humped by a camel. I want to pull my turbin down over my ears to muffle the terrible sound.

In my country if a friend rips off his friends like Zuck did he would have his manhood caked with sand and then be banished to the middle of the desert with no Slurpee Machine in site. Such a terrible fate that would be.

..and with that wide ranging account, let’s put this story in the vault and move on eh?