Is your brand’s head in the clouds?

9 May

damn you Noah!… I’m insanely jealous for not thinking of this first ;) welcome friends to

The main idea:


the end result:


contribute to the clouds, through a multitude of brands yourself and watch the tagclouds grow. will be interesting… will it organically and naturally populate? will brands freak out and get their pr agencies to spin with positive tags? will wal-mart haters, and anti-consumerists hijack the clouds? only time will tell.

regardless, noah’s really onto something with this in a lot of respects. and its a prime example of how online “conversation” can be rolled up for insight, to view the world in different ways, and discover the emotive web. I’ve heard some planners using the web as a “virtual focus group”, or massive data pool but frankly for the most part efforts have been weak. blackshaw never really capitalized on the possibility to create tools for us touchy feely qual folks and instead went after the brand cops client side. …and well, most planners don’t have the tech-inclinations that someone like Noah has.

stay tuned.. I bet we see more of these pop up quick-like. I’ve been tinkering with some myself, but am not quite handy enough to start coding myself ;)

here’s a few more examples to explore: