Forget the Tango. Remember the Slow Dance: “Que Vuelvan los Lentos”

12 May

pure awesomeness: Que Vuelvan los Lentos.

this slow dance revival/protest has me inspired. being a child/teen of the 80’s my Austin revival playlist will be as follows:

1) songs from any of the following movies: say anything, pretty in pink, st. elmos fire, sixteen candles, or any other assorted cusak or brat pack flick.

2) morrisey or the cure before they were fat or happy.

3) more cowbell (or hairspray rather): bach’s sixteen and life, here I go again, or axl’s november rain.

4) no nukes, plenty of ducky hair: forever young, true colors, or selected berlin and english beat.

don’t judge, just slow dance people and remember… there will chaperone’s. more suggestions for your Que Vuelvan los Lentos flashmob here and here.

THANKS: to Luciana for the bad/good flashbacks. ;)