Cntrol, Alt, Delete.

“I quit….really.”

after 16 years in the ad biz, I said sayonara. having worked across brand, digital, design and direct I was fed up.. at the very least frustrated. I’ve been waiting for the creative-digital-integrated comms jihad.. and after throwing a few molotovs around over the course of a few years, all seemed to the same. Or at least a pretty close variation of the same old theme. Hope’s not lost of course, the revolution is here, just gotta move quick to be on the front wave ;)

So I’m surfing freeagent land with several ventures, gigs and ideas. It’s scary as hell, but that’s half the fun of it. Besides, it beats a day job.

Check out what i’m up to on twitter, linkedin, flickr or my self hacked-constantly changing website for the main venture: reeboot strategy.

here’s the full bio:

andy hunter co-founder, reeboot strategy
16 years in brand strategy and marketing innovation

Andy has worked for the worlds leading advertising agencies and Fortune 500 brands. With a background in traditional media, marketing integration, account planning and interactive hiscareer passion is bringing “new marketing” to life for clients struggling in a disrupted media environment. He is former founder and director of digital strategy and consumer-connections planning practices.

Having worked across marketing communication disciplines, Andy brings a unique
perspective to the art and science of branding and consumer insight. Focused on merging
the strategic tools of brand planning, media targeting and digital relationship marketing, he crafts engagement strategy that builds “conversational” brand campaigns. He works with digital technology and traditional media organizations to innovate with an understanding of all of these worlds.

Past experience includes assignments for BMW, American Express, Wal-Mart, PwC
Consulting, Adobe-Macromedia and Dreamworks SKG at many of the worlds leading
agencies: Ogilivy, Young & Rubicam, Hill Holliday and GSD&M. He is a past host and
speaker at SXSW, MIT’s Future of Entertainment and a member of PSFK’s trend consulting community “The Purple List”.