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Ipsos-IOTX Austin Futures Group and UPSTREAM Design Innovation teams take a look at this years 2012 International CES pre-show, with trend observations, technology examples and recommended panels and exhibits.

Back To The Future

16, Dec 2011

WE CAN HAZ ALL YOUR BRAIN DATA: *A General Dynamics Company. But wait, there’s more.  Interesting background on Stromberg Carleson.

Millions have viewed the video below well before the sad announcement tonight of Steve Job’s passing.  As much as I admire both Apple and Steve Jobs for their innovation, design-centricity and the seamless, useful beauty of their products.  I’m a little embarrassed I’d never viewed this clip. There’s so much I did not know about […]

Innovation Re-Design

23, Jul 2011

These are great thoughts for creative and innovation teams, not just design competitions: 1. Make a clear separation between awards, on the one hand, and competitions and challenges, on the other. If designers want to give each other awards and prizes, fine. But activities outside the tent should operate according to different principles. 2. Design […]

Web Dimension

18, May 2011

[Repost from my entry at the] Created by Google Creative Labs,”3 Dream’s In Black” is part art experiment, musical collaboration, part CGI video and breakthrough web coding assignment. Driving a culture of experimentation, all Googler’s are encouraged to pursue experiments both relatable and non-relatable to Google’s business. All to drive a passion of innovation. […]

via Every once in a great while a person (or firm) comes along that inspires you with the ease they take technical information, data and technology to create beautiful things. Stamen Design, ManyEyes and Jonathan Harris come to mind. Certainly architects have been doing this for eons and digital developers create such feats in […]


17, Oct 2010

Math makes my head hurt.  In fact I’m horrible at it.  I can barely remember phone numbers much less memorize functions and derivatives.  Just ask any of my past calculus professors, I repeatedly had several of them. Enter Mandlebrot, something of a rogue in math circles.  One that sought out the patterns in things around […]

Virtual Grab

27, Jul 2010

via Hmmm.. hello Darth Vader & LawnMower Man, this can’t be good for anyone. [Via PSFK/Engadget] Future predictions after the break:

Jedi Impact

10, Jun 2010

via This is quite old, but one of my favorite infographics of all time from Wired Magazine. Tracing the technology lineage of the Star Wars films and the impact of Industrial Light and Magic’s breakthroughs on multimedia, film and interactive technology it’s really interesting to dig into. Check out the fully interactive version on […]

Kinetic Typography

10, Jun 2010

For anyone looking to create compelling content on the web, Zane Defazio has curated great examples of “kinetic typography”.  Cool stuff, check it out. House Typography from Koos Dekker on Vimeo. (Example:”House” tv promo from Koos. Check the full list of 10 on Zane’s blog.)