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11, Feb 2013

Web Dimension

18, May 2011

[Repost from my entry at the] Created by Google Creative Labs,”3 Dream’s In Black” is part art experiment, musical collaboration, part CGI video and breakthrough web coding assignment. Driving a culture of experimentation, all Googler’s are encouraged to pursue experiments both relatable and non-relatable to Google’s business. All to drive a passion of innovation. […]

The Concerted Brand

12, May 2011

[Quote from Oscar Wilde.  As presented by Jeff Swystun of DDB in “Brand Consistency Redefined“] Recently,  A colleague asked me for some thoughts on “The Importance of Brand Consistency.”   I haven’t jumped down the branding philosophy rabbit hole in some time, but this topic is one that hits close to home.  Having bridged the world […]

Social Evolution 2011

28, Jan 2011

Blog posts have been sparse of late.   New gig as a Strategic Planning practice lead for Ipsos-Open Thinking Exchange, baby daughter number two on the way (and now here!) and all the other things in life that keep one from scouring the web, have contributed to experiencefreak being pretty vacant with new thinking. Though […]


11, Aug 2010

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Surprise and Delight

14, Jul 2010


Retail Forward

9, Jun 2010

Two great thinking pieces into where Retail is headed, both worth your while. First, one of the best planners and digital minds around, Helge Tenno and his thoughts on Retail: New Business Opportunities In Retail View more presentations from Helge Tennø. .. and PSFK’s look: PSFK presents Future of Retail report View more presentations from […]

Most Social

18, May 2010

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via Continuing my latest dive into design fiction, check out this collaboration between Penguin Book and Six To Start an experiential design firm in London. Perhaps a bit ahead of it’s time (launched in 2008) these stories used Google maps and other immersive online media, rolling out over the course of six weeks. Very […]


18, Apr 2010

Design Fiction has been on my mind as of late. Particularly after hearing Bruce Sterling’s thinking about it’s role in experience design, product innovation and technology as well as other’s speaking from a designers point of view at SXSW 2010. What follows is a design fiction exercise, wrapping a narrative around thoughts about the weird, […]