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11, Feb 2013

Social Evolution 2011

28, Jan 2011

Blog posts have been sparse of late.   New gig as a Strategic Planning practice lead for Ipsos-Open Thinking Exchange, baby daughter number two on the way (and now here!) and all the other things in life that keep one from scouring the web, have contributed to experiencefreak being pretty vacant with new thinking. Though […]


11, Aug 2010

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Most Social

18, May 2010

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18, Apr 2010

Design Fiction has been on my mind as of late. Particularly after hearing Bruce Sterling’s thinking about it’s role in experience design, product innovation and technology as well as other’s speaking from a designers point of view at SXSW 2010. What follows is a design fiction exercise, wrapping a narrative around thoughts about the weird, […]

I’ve never been a huge Gary Vee follower, but right on for this video.  I think it represents emotions many feel after being so immersed in social media, the info rich web and culture of personal branding world.  The addictive nature, the distractions and the overwhelming opportunity to interact with others can stretch people to […]

Post the geek-high,big expectations and critical commentary of SXSW 2010 I’d argue that it was all as it has ever been. Panel roulette, a mass of venture capitalist fervor, technologist obsessiveness, social marketing and advertising industry self focus, futurist observation and provoking thought-leader words of caution.  With all that there’s a lot to step away […]

Well of one page at least ;)  I’m excited to be a part of The Age Of Conversation 3, a collective of thinking, commentary and humor centered around the future of people and marketing in a digitally enabled business landscape. The book will soon be available via Amazon and more importantly, all profits from the […]

Digital Afterlife

22, Mar 2010

via I’ve been thinking alot about this as of late… where will our digital selves reside after we are gone? And what kind of artifacts will be left behind for those viewing tens or hundreds of years from now? With the speed of content creation growing exponentially, it’s an interesting future to ponder. Posted […]

Privacy vs Publicity

17, Mar 2010

Danah Boyd’s Notes from SXSW 2010 Keynote: Also thoughts on guard rail definitions for social network typologies here. Posted via web from reeboot’s posterous