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Ipsos-IOTX Austin Futures Group and UPSTREAM Design Innovation teams take a look at this years 2012 International CES pre-show, with trend observations, technology examples and recommended panels and exhibits.

Back To The Future

16, Dec 2011

WE CAN HAZ ALL YOUR BRAIN DATA: *A General Dynamics Company. But wait, there’s more.  Interesting background on Stromberg Carleson.

Millions have viewed the video below well before the sad announcement tonight of Steve Job’s passing.  As much as I admire both Apple and Steve Jobs for their innovation, design-centricity and the seamless, useful beauty of their products.  I’m a little embarrassed I’d never viewed this clip. There’s so much I did not know about […]

Kinetic Typography

10, Jun 2010

For anyone looking to create compelling content on the web, Zane Defazio has curated great examples of “kinetic typography”.  Cool stuff, check it out. House Typography from Koos Dekker on Vimeo. (Example:”House” tv promo from Koos. Check the full list of 10 on Zane’s blog.)

Get your online business and design skills on in 2009. Holiday Gift Guide #2: Design & Data. Beautiful Evidence – by Edward Tufte Google Conversion University Google Analytics Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics – by Brian Clifton Web Analytics: An Hour a Day – by Avinash Kaushik Web Design for ROI: Turning Browsers into […]