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Ipsos-IOTX Austin Futures Group and UPSTREAM Design Innovation teams take a look at this years 2012 International CES pre-show, with trend observations, technology examples and recommended panels and exhibits.

Retail Forward

9, Jun 2010

Two great thinking pieces into where Retail is headed, both worth your while. First, one of the best planners and digital minds around, Helge Tenno and his thoughts on Retail: New Business Opportunities In Retail View more presentations from Helge Tennø. .. and PSFK’s look: PSFK presents Future of Retail report View more presentations from […]


18, Apr 2010

Design Fiction has been on my mind as of late. Particularly after hearing Bruce Sterling’s thinking about it’s role in experience design, product innovation and technology as well as other’s speaking from a designers point of view at SXSW 2010. What follows is a design fiction exercise, wrapping a narrative around thoughts about the weird, […]

Newstand of The Future

24, Mar 2010

From SXSW Interactive, Cynergy presents a concept of the not so distant future: the digital newstand.  Though the demo was relatively simplistic, you can see that people would be drawn to it’s tactile feel as if they were still browsing the newstand and able to flip through the digital pages: Re-Imagining the Newstand from experience […]

Digital Afterlife

22, Mar 2010

via I’ve been thinking alot about this as of late… where will our digital selves reside after we are gone? And what kind of artifacts will be left behind for those viewing tens or hundreds of years from now? With the speed of content creation growing exponentially, it’s an interesting future to ponder. Posted […]

While the Wii may seem breakthrough and mundane at the same time, imagine years from now when the internet via a computer and touchpads (mobile devices) are less necessary and everything around you is immersive and interactive.  When gestures and typical physical interactions become embedded into real world experiences. Check out the future as envisioned […]

DISH Front Burner: Fried Chicken Back Burner: Burgers DESSERT Front Burner: Mini Whoopie Pies Back Burner: Mini cupcakes INGREDIENT Front Burner: Lamb Back Burner: Pork HEALTH TREND Front Burner: immunity-building diet Chef MD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine Back Burner: Dining on Omega 3s PROFESSION Front Burner: Butcher (Hipsters have moved from farming to butchery), […]

“we’ve broken your business, now we want your machines” damn you Russell Davies and your elegance!  wonderful read here on the future of paper with a sidenote on Tim O’Reilly’s “Watching the Alpha Geeks”.