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Ipsos-IOTX Austin Futures Group and UPSTREAM Design Innovation teams take a look at this years 2012 International CES pre-show, with trend observations, technology examples and recommended panels and exhibits.

Social Evolution 2011

28, Jan 2011

Blog posts have been sparse of late.   New gig as a Strategic Planning practice lead for Ipsos-Open Thinking Exchange, baby daughter number two on the way (and now here!) and all the other things in life that keep one from scouring the web, have contributed to experiencefreak being pretty vacant with new thinking. Though […]

DISH Front Burner: Fried Chicken Back Burner: Burgers DESSERT Front Burner: Mini Whoopie Pies Back Burner: Mini cupcakes INGREDIENT Front Burner: Lamb Back Burner: Pork HEALTH TREND Front Burner: immunity-building diet Chef MD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine Back Burner: Dining on Omega 3s PROFESSION Front Burner: Butcher (Hipsters have moved from farming to butchery), […]

Have a peek at HBR’s predictions for 2008. Thanks to Lauren to tipping us off to this: a few highlights: Task, Not Time: Profile of a Gen Y Job Tamara J. Erickson Compensating employees for what they actually do rather than the hours they log is not a new idea. Managers will need to re-embrace […]